CALL #OSA Reliving Lucania 2023 – CLOSED

The CALL #OSA represents a significant challenge that involves the renewal of traditions in a collective musical project.

Through this initiative, participants have the chance of creating a shared mosaic that celebrates the richness and diversity of Lucanian culture.

To meet this challenge, participants must bring together their individual talents and expertise in a collective effort to create innovative compositions within our OSA Library of lucanian sounds.

If you are a young producer/musician/composer/sound artist, you are invited to read our project, download our Library, compose your original track and submit it using our online application form.


Open Sound is a unique and innovative format, whose project is based on creating new musical repertoires and unprecedented collective performance cored to a main dialogue between traditional and contemporary sounds.

Open Sound promotes territories, soundscapes, and their communities through a co-creative and intergenerational approach. Its goal is to disseminate and increase knowledge of territories’ and communities’ ethnomusicological heritage and their reinterpretation in a contemporary key following an innovative and creative process.

Open sound represents a hybrid interaction within different musical languages focused on traditional paths.


The heart of this Call is our OSA Library, a digital music archive of more than 170 sounds created by sampling a selection of traditional Lucanian instruments, which constitutes a solid storage of the rich Lucanian intangible heritage.

The OSA Library is a repertoire of open source, non-proprietary sounds, generated by using voices as well as self-made instruments: arbëreshë choirs, bagpipes, cowbells, gloomy gloom, and percussion. These sounds have been identified by the Israeli artist Yuval Avital, Guest Director of the Open Sound Festival 2019, during three artistic residences in Basilicata, under Prof. Nicola Scaldaferri’s (Professor and Ethnomusicologist of the University of Milan) curatorship and with the support of LEAV (Laboratory of Ethnomusicology and Visual Anthropology).

OSA Library’s sounds were recorded in the studio and made available for free download for artists from all over the world.


#OSA is the Open Sound call addressed to young (under 35) producers/musicians/composers/sound artists who want to measure themselves against the concept of “dare”, experiment and co-create to imagine new sound visions.

In particular, this year we are asking applicants to compose and produce a track that represents a visionary soundtrack of an audio-visual performance that will be presented in Matera, in the evocative Casa Cava, during the opening of the Open Sound Festival, the 6th of July 2023.

The Call OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania invites participants to interact with two libraries: the historic OSA library of Lucan sounds and a specially created selection of 9 audio files of 15’ each, produced by Rocco Rampino.

Participants are therefore invited to look at the IG profile of Open Sound – OSA 2.3 (opensound_osa) and then to download and freely use the two libraries to produce an audio file of at least 3’.

The selection of candidates’ projects is by:

– Alioscia Bisceglia (Artistic Director of the Project; Casino Royale)
– 2 guest producers (Rocco Rampino, Producer, and Walter Giordano, Visual Artist)


This year, just one (1) candidate will be selected to take part in the co-production of a new original performance (OSA 2.3), under the supervision of our 2023 guest producers: Rocco Rampino and Walter Giordano.

The performance OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania will be presented live on the 6th of July 2023 as part of the opening day of the Open Sound Festival (Matera, 6-8 July 2023).

Participation in the Call is free of charge.


The call is aimed at all citizens of the European Community aged between 18 and 35 years.

This open call is an invitation to:

The track must contain one or more samples/audio files of both libraries.

The track can be loaded in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC formats.

The best tracks will be evaluated by our team of experts and the selected young producer/musician/composer/artist will take part in our co-creative process (artistic residency, live performance).


Call opening: 19/05/2023

Closing date: 19/06/2023

Results announcement: 26/06/2023

Production: 3-5/07/2023

Performance: 6/07/2023


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