International call for music producers

#OSA is the Open Sound Festival call open to producers who want to measure themselves against the concept of “dare”, experiment and co-create in order to imagine new sound visions.

The challenge is to recode ancestral sounds electronically, by creating an unpublished track from a repertoire of open source, non-proprietary sounds.
The samples to work on are those of the ancient Lucanian sound heritage (polyphonic choirs arbëreshë, bagpipes, cowbells, cupa cupa) collected in the Open Sound Library, developed during the experience of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019.
The 9 selected candidates will have access to the 2020 edition of the Open Sound Academy in collaboration with Sugar Music, and the 3 producers that we consider most suitable will continue in the co-production of the OSA Suite alongside the 2020 guest producers: Clap! Clap !, Yakamoto Kotzuga and Stabber.
The Suite will be presented live in Matera in September.

The call is addressed to all the citizens from the European community aged between 18 and 35 years old.



The track must contain one or more samples of at least two different instruments from the OSA library.

The track can be loaded in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC formats.

La traccia è caricabile nei formati WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC.

Call opening: 9th July

Call closing: August 2nd

Winners Announcement: August 9th

Candidates’ projects’ selection is by:

  • Alioscia Bisceglia (Open Sound Festival Artistic Director; Casino Royale)
  • Clap! Clap! (producer and musician)
  • Yakamoto Kotzuga (producer and composer)
  • Stabber (producer)
  • Mario Cianchi (A&R Sugar)

The selection phase and the co-production phase

On August 9th the names of the 9 producers will be published on the website They will have the opportunity to live a real professional experience alongside industry experts, musicians and established producers.

The course will be divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Open Sound Academy (for all 9 selected producers)
  • Phase 2: Co-creation (the 3 best selected producers with the 3 guest producers)
  • Phase 3: Live sessions (the 3 best selected producers with the 3 guest producers)
Phase 1: Open Sound Academy

From 27 th to 29th August 2020 – Cecilia, Center for Creativity in Tito (PZ)

Seminars, plays, one-to-one experiences, showcases and master classes in:

  • Production and Composition with:
    • Alioscia Bisceglia (Artistic Director; Casino Royale)
    • Giorgio Mirto (Composer and teacher at the Conservatory of Livorno)
  • Music Business – Publishing, synchronization and marketing with:
    • Mario Cianchi (Sugar)
    • Roberto Genovese (Sugar)
  • Open Sound Library with:
    • Nicola Scaldaferri (Professor of Ethnomusicology and Musical Analysis at the University of Milan)

During this first phase, the academy will chose the 3 best candidates to continue in the subsequent phases of Co-Creation and live session among the 9 initial selected producers.

Hospitality costs (food and accommodation) are paid by the organization.

Travel costs are borne by the participants.

Phase 2: Co-creation

From 7 th to 12 th September 2020 – Sync Studio, Sassi di Matera

The 3 selected producers work in the studio with the Academy’s guest producers.

The recording sessions are held at the Sync Studio, in the heart of the Sassi of Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019. The work starts from the track nominated for the phase, which is optimized and rearranged in order to become one of the segments that will make up the OSA Suite, musical score for orchestra written by Giorgio Mirto, composer and teacher from the Conservatory of Livorno.

Travel and hospitality costs (food and accommodation) are borne by the organization.

Phase 3: Live sessions

From 24th to 26 th September 2020 – Terrace of Palazzo Lanfranchi, Museo del Novecento – Matera

The 3 selected producers, the guest producers and the orchestra led by Maestro Giorgio Mirto, work together with the rehearsals for the live performance of the OSA Suite to be held in the suggestive scenario of the Terrace of Palazzo Lanfranchi in Matera.

Travel costs and hospitality costs (food and accommodation) are borne by the organization.

From 16 th to 22 nd November 2020 – Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival, Milan.

The 3 selected musicians present, together with the guest producers, the OSA Suite within the Linecheck 2020 program, during the Milan Music Week (

Travel and hospitality costs (food and accommodation) are borne by the organization.

In its first edition 2019, the OSA Call received more than 50 projects. The winners were the producers AlèFe and DadeMatto (listen here). In addition to them, the guests of the Open Sound Festival 2019 (Paolo Baldini, Night Skinny, Clap! Clap !, go-Dratta, Mantra Groove Station) also worked with the samples of the library, by creating the first 7 unreleased tracks of the Open Sound official playlist (listen here).

The videos of the Open Sound Festival 2019

  • Watch here “Open Sound Festival 2019”, the story of the project created in Matera 2019
  • Watch here the “Open Sound Recording Session”, the co-creation sessions in the Red Bull Studio Mobile (Matera, 2019)
  • Watch here “Playing nu sound”, the interview with Alioscia Bisceglia and Manuel Tataranno (Matera, 2019)
  • Watch here “Open Sound Festival 2019. DAY 4” (Cava del Sole): on the stage ancient sounds of millennia mixed with electronic beats: Agotrance, Clap! Clap !, Dardust, go-Dratta (Futurissima), NIGHT SKINNY, Paolo Baldini DubFiles .


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