The Open Sound Library is a repertoire of open source, non-proprietary sounds, generated by using the voice as well as self-made instruments: arbëreshë choirs, bagpipes, cowbells, gloomy gloom, and percussion. These sounds have been identified by the Israeli artist Yuval Avital, Guest Director of the Open Sound Festival 2019, during three artistic residences in Basilicata, under Prof. Nicola Scaldaferri’s (Professor and Ethnomusicologist of the University of Milan) curatorship and with the support of Leav (Laboratory of Ethnomusicology and Visual Anthropology).

The sounds of the Library were recorded in the studio and made available in freedownload for artists from all over the world.

In 2019, in addition to the winners of the Alèfe and DadeMatto call (listen here), the guests of the Open Sound Festival (Paolo Baldini, Night Skinny, Clap! Clap !, go-Dratta, Mantra Groove Station) also worked with the samples of the Library, by making the first 5 unreleased tracks from the official Open Sound playlist.



Thank you! Now you can download the library: