an innovative format
that creates new repertoires and stages original collective performances based on the dialogue between
contemporary electronic music and traditional music

Open Sound Dubai Sessions @ Expo2020

Open Sound, in cooperation with Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, presents for Expo2020 “Dubai Session”

The performance is based on the dialogue between the Italian electronic producer (go-Dratta) and traditional Arabian and Lucanian musicians (Imad Kawala with Alberico Larato and Agostino Cortese, ): an interactive moment that will be the result of an artistic co-creation and cultural hybridization.


OSA 2.1 @ Linecheck 2021

OSA 2.1 is the 2021 Open Sound music production.
w/ Splendore & Foresta from IVREATRONIC, Plastica, XX.buio
and traditional musicians Agotrance e Alberico Larato
An original and engaging performance in which all the actors equally join an unprecedented musical journey, that mix electronic and traditional sounds: Cupa Cupa, Percussion, BagPipe, Cowbells.



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