OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania



Casa Cava, 6 luglio 2023
Tower Art Museum, 7-9 luglio 2023

The “OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania” project represents a significant challenge that involves the renewal of traditions in a collective musical project.

Through this initiative, artists, musicians and producers had the chance of creating a shared mosaic that celebrates the richness and diversity of Lucanian culture.

To meet this challenge, all participants brought together their individual talents and expertise in a collective effort to co-create innovative compositions within the OSA Library of Lucanian sounds.

In the 2023 edition we asked the upcoming artists to compose and produce a track that represents a visionary soundtrack of an audio-visual performance curated by Rocco Rampino and Walter Giordano, with the artistic direction of Alioscia Bisceglia.

The upcoming artist Maxwell Simons has been selected through our international Call and joined the co-creation process, together with Daniela Ippolito, a Lucanian traditional harpist.

The live performance

“OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania | Release 1 | 2023/07/06” is a site-specific performance produced for the inauguration of the 2023 edition of the Open Sound Festival at Casa Cava in Matera.

The enveloping tuff rock walls of Casa Cava will host the live interaction between the DJ and guest producer Rocco Rampino and the visual artist Walter Giordano. Their creations will generate an immersive dimension, where DJ and producer Maxwell Simons, selected within the international call OSA 2023 – Reliving Lucania, and the harpist Daniela Ippolito will perform together. The performance is a journey through sound layers that design new atmospheres, always suspended between ancestry, the present and the future.

For the first time in OSA’s path, the audio narration meets the visual one: a profound dimension is born, where the fluidity of the story alternates with the syncopated rhythm of a visual imagery capable of rewinding the flow of memory through symbols and fragments of a rediscovered Lucanian life.

The audio-video installation

“OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania | Release 1 | 2023/07/06” is an online audio-video editorial installation, temporary and nomadic, based on a previous project curated by Walter Giordano (Fake Place), an independent catalyst devoted to unconventional knowledge and experimentation.
All audio-video contents are displayed in the graphic form of a collective digital mosaic broadcasted online 24/7. Each frame randomly generates cross-media hybrids, locally performed and site-specific.
The installation operates as a digital open space ready to build narratives. It investigates the spiritual and carnal instincts of the soul, with the belief that emotions are more fertile when closer to the less contaminated origins, rather than in full alienating technological contexts.

OSA 2.3 selected artist
Maxwell Simons

Artistic Direction
Alioscia Bisceglia

Sound and Visual Direction
Rocco Rampino
Walter Giordano

Guest traditional artist
Daniela Ippolito

Project Management
Alessandro Ottenga

Production Management
Salvatore Ambrosino

Project Assistant
Roberta Massari

SMM and Community Assistant
Francesco Diperno

Project partners
TAM – Tower Art Museum
Sync Music
Music Innovation Hub
Sugar Music

Special thanks to Manuel Tataranno for his friendly participation.

Thanks to our volunteers Valerio Jay Bompadre, Ghazel Abunemeh, Laura Sansone, Tommaso Carmentano, Arianna Paolicelli , Pablo Andres Montón, Lucilla Belletti, Antonio Miani, Filippo Paolicelli.

OSA 2.3 Reliving Lucania is a project promoted and produced by Multietnica cultural association

General Direction
Nico Ferri

Administrative Management
Flora Perrotta

Cultural Management
Alessandro Ottenga

Production Management
Salvatore Ambrosino

Project Management
Roberta Massari

Community Management
Francesco Diperno

Massimo Lovisco

Creative partner

Media partner

Thanks to the support of
Ministero della Cultura
Regione Basilicata
Città di Matera
Fondazione Patria Bellezza

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